About Us


We are a proudly Australian small business working hard to bring you stunning, modern and quality home decor. Decorate My Room is a passion project, conceived from over 20 years’ experience in home décor and styling, and a lifetime love of beautifying spaces with gorgeous and affordable pieces.

My love of decorating is my earliest memory.  The elements of my grandparents’ 200-year-old farmhouse in Germany is etched in my mind. Her house had intricate wallpaper designs and sofas filled with hand knitted cushions and blankets, the flowerpots on huge windowsills. Even now, having migrated to Australia, I imbue all my decorating projects with “European living culture,” that is, designing spaces that are stylish, functional, resourceful, and gemütlichkeit (cosy)!

All pieces on Decorate My Room have been lovingly and carefully selected to capture this essence. As a team, we are working extremely hard to bring you the best quality, most affordable and most effortlessly stylish home décor currently available in Australia. All your orders are packaged with an immense amount of genuine passion, pride, and gratitude.
It is because of you that we can pursue our devotion to making Australian houses, homes!

We look forward to helping you Reclaim the Joy of Being Home!

Gretchen and Team