Colour In Your Life


Ancient Wisdom and Science tell us that colours influence our moods, reveal our personalities and help us heal our mind, body and soul.  Colours also have cultural and spiritual significance to many of us and knowing what resonates with you is definitely a big part of the process of Reclaiming your Joy of Being Home.

To get colour right in decorating, you only need three key ingredients, and they’re all explained here:-

  1.  a FREE consult with the only colour expert on the planet

2.   information to help you understand colours and their meaning … how they impact your wellbeing and what they say about you … and how to use them

3.   connection with your INTUITION

When you’re making changes, first  take a moment and mentally go through these steps:-

  Step One … ponder the function of the room (ie sleeping, working, relaxing, etc)

  Step Two …how much natural light streams in?

  Step Three … what mood do you want to create? (restful, invigorating, pristine, etc?)

Step Four … what colours are you drawn to?

 Want to know first about Intuition?

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.  It speaks with a higher authority and sounds so true you cannot deny it.

Here’s how to connect.

Be still, quiet the chatter in your mind, trust the feeling in your gut and listen to your inner voice.  Ask yourself “what colour feels right to me?”.

DISCOVER your colour personality, theory and symbolism of colour, spiritual and healing properties, how to work with it in your home, how to get colour combinations right … 


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