Bringing the Outdoors Inside Part 1

Bringing the Outdoors Inside Part 1


By Reclaiming your connection to Nature, you … Reclaim the Joy of Being Home

At least once a month I simply must take a long drive out of metro Melbourne.  Long windy roads through majestic forests, vast stretches of highway revealing a sunburnt landscape, country roads with rolling green hills and cows grazing serenely in the meadows, coastal roads to gaze at the vast expanse of ocean where the sky meets the distant horizon …..

The expanse of the landscape leaves room for possibilities.  It is vast and inviting.  My senses come alive as I breathe in colour, shapes, movement, sounds and scents.

In Nature we feel grounded, relaxed and energized.

In Nature we feel connected to something much greater … and all is well.

Why is Nature so important to us in our homes?


We know intuitively (and it’s evident for many reasons) that we humans need to find ways of rebalancing a natural way of living with technology.  When we don’t we simply do not thrive.

If you’re not thriving, ask yourself these questions ….

            Do my senses come alive every day … in my home?

            Is my home inviting and does it embrace me and my cohabitators with a sense of stability?

            Do I feel in the spaces I’ve created both relaxed and energized?

            Do I feel connected?

            Do I feel everyday … that all is well?

Your house is meant to do more than protect you from the elements.  You deserve to answer YES to all of these questions … to feel safe, grounded, inspired, comfortable, connected, energized.  More than that, you are meant to have your spaces foster and reflect the many aspects of your identity.  To tell your stories. To feel that your values matter, your ideas, that you matter.

Not until you FEEL this everyday will you feel really, truly home.

If you’ve lost it, we’ll help you get it back!  If you keep compromising, we’ll help you OWN IT!

And we know that the first step is to find ways to rebalance, realign your natural state, your natural way of living with the technical world we’re consumed by.  This shift in approach will lead you to reclaiming your health and vitality, back to feeling grounded and open to possibilities. And your home will look and feel inviting, stylish and authentic.

You create your spaces … and we’re here to help you all the way.

Here are some ideas to kick start you … some you can action today. Let’s go. Let’s create…

Plants Indoors …

The healers

Regardless of your design aesthetic, you know that indoor plants make a stunning textural and colour statement.  More, the health benefits to you and your family are too numerous to mention now, but here are a few science-based facts you just have to know about:

·Plants improve concentration and productivity (by 15%)
·They boost your mood with well-documented psychological and emotional health benefits that relate to just looking at them
·Plants remove toxic compounds emitted into the air by our furniture, flooring, appliances and soft furnishings.

You might also find it fascinating to discover the meaning and symbolism of particular plants 

Did you know that the …

*        Bonsai represents Harmony, Wisdom and Calm.

*        A Monstera represents Honour, Respect and Longevity … are you someone who values your heritage and family history?

*        The Prayer Plant is Devotion and Focus … great for you if you love to practice mindfulness and be organised and on schedule

A True Story

All of this became very relevant and real for me when years ago I was diagnosed with a nasty illness.

It took two years to heal a condition that was meant to progress in a pretty drastic way for the rest of my life with no cure.  Miraculously my body went into remission, and the day that happened I needed a symbol.

A symbol of strength and flexibility, of perpetual growth and change, of being grounded. One that would remind me of those qualities and inspire me every single day.

I bought a potted Canadian Maple tree and positioned her right outside the large loungeroom window, so it appeared to be indoors.  And every day I remain well and reclaim my Joy just by acknowledging her presence by the window.

And can I add, that whilst this tree is obviously profoundly meaningful, she is a spectacular focal point in that room! 

Thank you for reading and I wish you and your family good health x



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Tori On 15.08.2020
Enjoyed both parts of the series, very informative Reply to this comment
Paula On 15.08.2020
Enjoyed reading, i hope you are over your nasty illness Reply to this comment
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